Which Waist Trainer Is the Best One?

Most likely, you, just like many other people, are trying hard to make your body slim and sexy. To train regularly, you need to be disciplined, and you very few people can have the necessary self-control since training doesn’t give instant results. Fortunately for you, there are a lot of new products being regularly released that claim to help you to lose 10 pounds in a month. However, most of these products will not assist you in any way at all.

Speeding up the weight loss of your body through using a waist cincher can be really beneficial. However, considering all those good waist trainers available on the market, you can hardly tell the difference between the good and the bad ones. Especially, when many brands claim that their waist trainers are obviously the best.

We decided to help you in solving this problem. We have analyzed and defined the best waist cinchers available on the market to help you to find the best one exactly for you.

What Do We Call a Waist Trainer?

We consider a waist cincher a piece of clothes that you wear around your waist for achieving a slimmer waist in shorter terms than usual. However, do not think that just using such a waist cincher will give you fast and instant results. You need to have a combination of its usage, a healthy lifestyle and frequent exercise to get astonishing results.

Boost in popularity

Kim Kardashian revealed in 2014 that one of the reasons to her perfect shaped body is waist training. Ever after you can notice an outstanding growth rate; a lot of companies producing these appliances pop up daily and try to assure you that their product is the best one. Of course, this have led to much confusion about what the best waist trainer is and how proper waist training should be done.

Mostly, these new companies have started selling their waist cinchers having no real knowledge of how a proper one should be made. The only thing they want is to get as much money as possible thanks to this popularity boost. Do not forget to read waist cincher reviews carefully before you purchase yourself a waist trainer. Be sure that the product you have chosen is of a high quality and not just another strange copy appeared on the market.

What Types of Waist Trainers Are There?

Waist Training Corsets

Since the 18th century, corsets have always been around. So, what is the difference between modern waist cinchers and waist training corsets? It is the boning. In waist cinchers, flexible plastic bones are used while waist training corsets have steel bones. Putting on a waist training corset, you get an hourglass figure straight away, as it slims down your waistline permanently.

Due to the great pressure put on the whole body, it is hard to use a corset more than several hours. Some people tend to mix using waist cinchers and waist training corsets, so that one day they can’t wear their corset any longer, put on the waist cincher continuing their waist training session in this way.

Waist Cinchers

Thanks to the flexible boning used in a waist cincher, there will be no problems in performing your daily activities. You can use your waist cincher under the clothes, as it is unnoticeable under any outfit. Moreover, a waist cincher can be used to correct your body shape as well so that your favorite dress will look marvelous on your body.

Which Type Is the Best One For You?

The perfect answer to this question is both. It is something that everyone can afford. However, if I were to choose one, I would want a waist cincher as I can wear it longer. Many people state that they feel as if they were trapped though it is more comfortable than a steel boned corset, that is why they wear a waist cincher. Moreover, you will feel comfortable about sleeping in your waist training garment after a while. Wouldn’t it be amazing to achieve a slim waist while sleeping?

However, if you can mix the usage of a waist cincher and a corset, it would be the optimal choice. Obviously, not simultaneously, as it would cause damage to both of your garments. If you don’t have an opportunity to get both, I suggest you to buy a waist trainer, as you can use it for a longer time training your waistline.

The Advantages of Waist Training

galochka It will help you to get a slimmer waist much faster than you would normally.

galochka No one will notice it under your clothes.

galochkaYou will get short as well as long-term results. You get a slimmer waist as soon as you wear your waist trainer.

galochka You will feel a boost in confidence when you get a waist that everyone dreams about.

galochka Thanks to the high compression, you will be forced to keep a good posture, improving your posture even if you remove the waist trainer.

The Disadvantages of Waist Training

– Over-training can be dangerous. That is why you should always follow the recommendations and, what more important, listen to your body.

– Do not worry if it will be fairly uncomfortable at first. When you get used to wearing your waist cincher, it will get better.

Waist Trainer Reviews 2015

Squeem “Perfect Waist” Firm Compression Waist Trainer

Squeem Perfect Waist contouring cincher

At the first sight, it looks like any other waist trainer sold at any grocery’s for 10 dollars, but this garment is so much more than that. Squeem is a Brazilian company founded about 40 years ago; that is why they have a lot of experience in terms of waist cinchers.

Its “Perfect Waist” is regarded as the best-selling waist training garment and the reasons for this are the following:

galochkaAffordability – instead of putting lots of money on the waist trainer’s design, Squeem have decided to let anyone afford their waist trainer.

galochkaEfficiency – like with usage of any waist trainer, this one provides great results if combined with a healthy lifestyle.

galochka Unnoticeable – thanks to the high compression, this waist cincher can hardly be visible under any outfit. Moreover, after some time you will not notice its wearing.



Ann Chery Women’s Workout Waist Cincher

Ann Chery women's Faja Deportiva workout waist cincher

Thanks to a flexible boning system that is unlike in no other waist trainer, this garment produced by Ann Chery is designed for usage when working out. To ensure that you work out with a good posture and maximize your workout, you should purchase this waist cincher designed by Ann Chery.

The Ann Chery company is Colombian based and have been around for about 33 years. Since that time, they have tested different material and structures to make their products much better. Moreover, they have the best customer support, and they care about satisfying the customers. Their waist-training garment can be used as a constant waist trainer if you would like to.



Ann Chery Women’s Classic Waist Cincher

Ann Chery black sport waist cincher

It is a classic waist trainer produced by Ann Chery. It is made from durable latex with soft cotton lining that helps to make your experience of waist trainer using more comfortable and less sweaty. The company advertises that this waist cincher is capable of slimming your waist down for 3 inches and giving you that head-turning shape at once, and it really is.

Thanks to the high compression, there is no chance for showing protruding belly fat while wearing the dress you have always wanted to wear. Moreover, thanks to its great comfort, you will barely feel wearing this waist cincher. It will feel like wearing pants, like something you do not actually notice.



Fajastec Women’s Beauty Classic Latex Waist Cincher

Fajastec women's beauty classic latex waist cincher

The fajastec waist cincher is created to target the whole torso at once, however, putting the most of the pressure on the waist, of course, since it is a waist trainer. Being an up-and-coming company in the waist training field, Fajastec’s growth rate is extraordinary right now.

Thanks to the high compression caused by the material made from 100% latex, your shape will instantly improve since you will get a confident and good posture. Moreover, it will also slim your waist down at the same time, so it is a win-win situation. This high compression will make the waist cincher remain where you would like it to be, even while rough activities.



Ann Chery 2021 Women’s Classic 3 Hooks Latex Waist Cincher

Ann Chery waist trainer and shaper

This Ann Chery’s new-collection waist trainer is supplied with three hooks, so your waist trainer can be sized down when your waist gets slimmer. That is why you do not need to purchase a new waist-training garment if you have slimmed down your waist by one size since you will still have two hooks left to use. It is perfect, isn’t it?

Of course, Ann Chery uses materials of high-quality and focuses on the garment style, both of which are outstanding. Its high compression helps you to slim down your waist up to 5 inches and rock a sensational figure. Frequent wearing of this waist cincher, exercising, and healthy food will ensure that you get a fabulous shape.


What is a Waist Training?

First of all before describing the process of waist training and what it is in general, one should know that for this purpose a steel boned corset is needed. Thanks to this corset the waist narrows down in a gradual manner. This process in some way resembles the times of Victorian era when women and girls were tightening their dresses with laces. And it was extremely popular and fashionable at that time though with the years it lost its popularity and came back in fashion only a few decades ago.

Having such a corset you will get lots of benefits, for example, the waist that is tightly laced looks more beautiful and elegant. Second of all, it will reduce the amount of food you usually consume, as the corset kind of compresses the organs teaching them to eat smaller portions. Don’t worry you will eat the same 3 times a day but only the portions will be smaller though you will not be hungry.  Third – with this corset you can even do physical exercises in a gym without taking it off. This review was especially written for those who are a novice and doesn’t know much about the waist training. This mini-guide will surely assist you in all questions.


Measuring of a waist is one of the most important factors both for men and women as such corsets are aimed at both . Consequently, the true size of your waist should be found out. Stand in front of the mirror and measure the waist at its narrowest level (for women it is usually 1-2 inches below the navel whereas for men it is very close to the navel).


Since you are a beginner it would be better to begin with an underbust corset and later star using a full corset that covers both waist and bust. This is required because if the person is new to it, he/she needs some time to get used to wearing a tight-laced corset and feel comfortable in it. There were cases when people who didn’t have any experience wearing even an underbust corset, immediately began using a full one which, of course, led to discomfort.

After measuring the waist and knowing its true size, it would be perfect to start wearing a corset that it 4-5” inches smaller than your actual waist is. For example, if your waist is 34” inches, it means that the corset should be 30” inches.


There exist several shapes and styles of corsets. Everything depends on what parts of body a woman wants to improve with the help of this item. Some corsets are more preferred by women while others aren’t. Yes, it is more comfortable to wear a corset that is not restrictive and doesn’t make any changes in the torso shape. The most popular corset shapes are the following:

–    Conical Shape – first of all, this type of a corset is not for beginners as it is little bit complicated to put on and later wear. This model is like an ice-cream cone just upside-down (straight sides that come down to the waist from the top). As all other corset shapes, it is tough and as it is in a “cone” shape it might affect the ribs. In case if any pain is felt it means that you have tightened the corset too strong and it needs to be weakened. As you understand this corset is aimed to improve the shape of the ribs and it usually takes about 8-9 months to really improve it and see amazing results. Though for every woman the time is different and in some cases it might take longer – about a year and a half.

–    Hourglass Shape – this type of corset would be perfect for those who are at the very early stages of wearing a corset at all. Because hourglass shape doesn’t mean extreme wish to change the body shape. It is pretty easy and comfortable to put it on and later wear as it fits around the ribs and makes nice curves. These curves make the body look very feminine.

–    Waist Cincher – this shape of corset is aimed for regular waist training, the so-called belly support. It is not big, fits around the stomach without touching ribs or anything else therefore it will under no circumstances reshape them. As its main goal is to support the belly it is also known as a “waist” corset.  Among all there offered shapes, this one would be the best to try first if you can’t make a final decision. After waist cincher, you can try hour glass and later other corset shapes. The main key point one needs to remember is that if you are a novice, don’t try any tough shapes but restrictive ones. And they in their turn will support your body in a perfect shape.

As it was mentioned above, there are of course many corset styles. And here are to name a few:

galochka pipe stem;

galochka S-bend;

galochka Elizabethan corset;

Elizabethan corset is one of the most interesting styles as it comes from the Middles Ages when Elizabeth was a Queen. Its design is also very unusual as it comes with straps that support the corset itself. By looking at the History book, one sees that exactly these 3 styles of corsets were used a few centuries ago. Though their goal was different from what it is now. People were wearing corsets for recreations whereas now women do it for making the shape of their body attractive and perhaps reshape it a little.

NOTE* Pipe stem and S-bend styles of corsets are not advised to wear as they have a tendency to twist the body in unnatural shapes. Consequently, it is better to avoid them and opt for Elizabethan style.


The first significant fact here is to feel comfortable wearing a corset. Ideally the corset should be worn all day long (excluding night). Therefore, the matter of feeling comfortable is so important. It would be wrong to take it off after only a few hours. Women who already have experience using a corset can manage to wear it the whole day. There are even trainers who even go to bed wearing a corset. The only time they remove it is while taking a shower. In order to get the shape of the body you wish for – that’s an example to be inspired of and keep striving for your own excellence. Of course it is not compulsory to go to bed in it and even during the day, one can take it off for a few hours to relax. But the fact stays the same – the more you wear it, the more result you get. Never forget the first rule – Feel Comfortable. For this, spend more time but select the suitable corset, and even if one day you stop being comfortable with it, you can always tailor it.

Being a beginner, it is recommended to wear a corset from 3 to 6 hours a day and preferably it needs to be done every day. Do never sleep in a steel boned corset on. Nevertheless, it would be a good practice to wear it during the day. Of course, remember that it is absolutely allowed to have some breaks to relax or take a shower, for example.


At the very beginning, it was mentioned that the reduction shouldn’t be very big especially if you are a beginner. 4 inches less than the waist would be more than perfect. Wearing a corset for the very first time, most probably a little discomfort will be present though in a few hours you will start getting used to it. Later you will see if you are able to wear a narrower corset. In several weeks when you feel absolutely comfortable wearing a 4” inch reduction corset, you might try half or quarter inch more slimming. 100% you will not feel much difference yet meanwhile you will be getting used to a narrower corset. The corset is made of fabric fibers and this material has a feature to relax when it warms up making the body adjust to the corset.


When the corset is new, you should break it in slowly and carefully either you might damage it. The point is that the panels in steel bones are stiff and they require time to break in. Hence putting it on for the first time, don’t cinch too much, tighten it as much so that to feel comfortable and keep wearing it like this for the first several weeks (3-6 hours every day). Thereby the corset and your body will adjust to each other and every day it will be easier and more comfortable to wear it. And nothing will hurt the ribs or hips. In no case, there should be no rush as it will only lead to inconvenience or popping of a steel bone. After the trial several weeks, try to tighten the corset just a bit more though don’t go over your comfort zone. In some cases to reach the needed 4” inches isn’t so easy and will take not weeks but 1-2 months. And even this is not a problem as the main goal is to reach this desired 4” inches. After wearing a corset of 4” inch reduction for at least half a year, you can switch to one size down for getting more results.



Before putting on and wearing a corset, every woman has to understand that the process of reducing a waist is pretty slow. Slow process means safe and healthy results. Whereas lacing the garment too strong and tight leads to unhealthy body condition and consequently results. Yes, the ideal waist reduction is 4 inches though it doesn’t mean that you should reduce that much from the very first time. Step by step you will reach these 4 inches. The main idea is to feel comfortable, therefore, tighten the corset 2 inches at a time, for instance. Experiencing any discomfort or other issues – take the corset immediately off. When new the corset might be stiff and clearly enough it needs time to break in, therefore when wearing it for the very first time – don’t lace it too much to not have difficulties with breathing.

Apart from breathing problems a wrongly laced corset might lead to chest and back pain as well as numbness in the legs. Remember that even though the corset is worn on the waist it does have influence on all parts of the body. Another sign of a tight-laced corset is the dry skin that will itch and scratch with the time. As a way out- expand the corset and use a lotion.


Every body is different and their shapes too. Sometimes it happens that a woman is unable to close the corset completely. No worries and moreover, no cinching the bones as it will hurt you and most probably will ruin the corset itself. Do everything slowly and carefully. With every day, it will be easier and easier for you to put it on. As soon as you see that the corset is fully closed and you feel comfortable wearing it for about 6 hours a day then you may start thinking of a corset that is 1 size smaller (if it is needed). Nobody knows how long the reduction will take as it varies from person to person. In general, it is from 2 to 6 months depending on how much effort one puts in it. Try to follow all the rules and you will see the results in 2-3 weeks already.


All corsets get dirty as one needs to constantly apply some moistures and creams on the body to not let it be dry. The cleaning of the corset isn’t that simple as for example washing of the shirts or any clothes. For this purpose, it is better to use special services like- dry cleaning service. In this way, you will be 100% sure that your corset will not be damaged and will be perfectly clean and ready to be worn again.


When wearing a corset it is important to follow a certain “diet”. Actually it can’t be called a diet as it is simply avoiding eating some foods like – heavy meals and spicy dishes as well as carbonated beverages. Remember to drink a lot of water. When corseted, you will be full much sooner which means less consumption of food. As a result the corset plays 2 roles: makes the shape of your body more feminine/beautiful and helps to lose weight (if there is some to lose of course).



For seeing real results, one should have a notebook where he/she can write the measurements or use a tape measure. Whichever is more comfortable for you. These 2 little things will help you to see the inches you are losing.


The main risk one can face with is the too tightly laced corset which results in undesirable and unwanted body shape. Apart from that it is dangerous for breathing, heart, back, and of course skin. Don’t forget that the corset even influences the internal organs, therefore, do the reduction of waist or ribs gradually.

When reaching your desirable result, keep wearing the corset from time to time to preserve the new body shape.

Waist Training Before and After Results

Every woman wants to be the most beautiful and attractive and for this purpose she is ready to try everything starting from aerobics and finishing with alternative weight loss programs, for example, Zumba that is kind of a very fast dancing, Pilates and very popular even now pole dancing. These ways of losing weight and getting a slimmer body were and are popular among women as doing them brings pleasure and enjoyment. And in the end – an amazing result.

Despite all this, the most popular way of getting a beautiful feminine body adapted by both usual people and celebrities is the waist training introduced by Kim Kardashian. And almost everyone who is following her on Instagram and other social networks started getting interested. Among them Amber Rose, Kardashian sisters and many others. The tendency of wearing a corset became so popular that after some time these celebrities were already demonstrating their cincher results to all the possible mass media.

Clearly that for manufacturers it was a great way to promote their 2 main products – cinchers and waist trainers. And seeing a celebrity using one of these products would make other people try it too. Though with a popularity of waist trainers and cinchers, there were such questions as – is the waist training safe? How long does it take to see the results? Is it expensive? Does it really work? Is it comfortable? And so on and so forth.

At some point, people were eager to purchase waist trainers as they could see the results demonstrated by the celebrities. But meanwhile many TV shows were saying and stating its negative effect on the body. So who is right? Who can we trust? To answer these questions, the benefits, advantages, and disadvantages are discribed below.


Waist training is aimed at people, mainly women, who have a desire to reshape their body shape by wearing a special corset for a protracted period of time. This corset should be ideally worn about 3-6 hours every day. To receive the best results, it is better to put it on while different physical exercises though while being at work it will work too. This piece of fabric greatly reminds the corsets that were worn in the 19th century. But of course, modern corsets are advanced and improved – they have an additional latex interior that helps to make the waist slimmer.

Apart from having a latex interior it also has a special layer thanks to which the corset performs like a sauna. When wearing a corset it causes thermal activity making the waistline become slimmer and slimmer.


As it was mentioned above the waist training corset is extremely popular among celebrities who advertise it everywhere. But the fact stays the same – this garment really does show great results, it is easy to wear and is affordable for everyone. This is the main reason why it is the best-seller in many countries all over the globe.

Corsets and cinchers are very popular among celebrities especially if they perform on a red carpet or some other places. Also, a cincher is the best buy for the last several years as it simply became an undergarment such as Spanx shapewear and other brands.

All in all, it works well to slim the midsection. And since they are of a high quality, affordable, durable and show excellent results, why not to purchase one? Many customers who have bought and tried cinchers share lots of positive feedbacks and reviews. And of course, they highly recommend it for looking feminine and attractive.


As some TV shows stated and reported, waist training can be quite dangerous and risky, though for a lot of women it did bring amazing results. All these discussions of pros and cons can be seen on the Internet and other social networks. Not only celebrities share their experience but also usual people, whose opinion is, by the way, more valuable.

Here are the advantages of waist training:

galochka The waist training is great for women who have recently given a birth to a child and when doing some activity it does support the back together with the midsection;

galochka The results of wearing a waist trainer are very quick to see, to be precise in about 2-3 weeks. Moreover, these results are happening both while working out and just doing usual activities while being at home;

galochka Recommendations given by the users are positive in its majority. One of the main positive factors wearers mention is the feeling of fullness. One doesn’t eat much but at the same time feels full having consumed a small portion. All this is because the stomach is a little bit compressed by the corset.


The only risk that can be caused by wearing a corset is its wrong wearing as well as wrong activity. There were and are some negative arguments and discussions about using a waist trainer but still no exact evidence of any risk or danger unless a person wears it incorrect. All waist trainers work in the same way like Spanx. They simply tight and compress the waist to make it slimmer and that’s the reason why they are so well sold up to this same moment.

When searching for the suitable corset, don’t forget that every corset has its purpose and consequently they vary. That’s why the first thing to do – is to understand what you need it for. Depending on the purpose, select the right waist trainer for work out training or some specific physical exercises.

NOTE* Don’t wear the corset while doing the abdominal kind of exercises. This might lead to problems with breathing, you will feel that the legs are numb as well as pain in stomach. In case if you forgot or didn’t know this advice and started feeling discomfort or any pain – take the corset off immediately.


The benefits and results of wearing a corset are evident and clear. As long as you wear a corset and do the work out in it – you have a slim waistline. As the corset compresses the midsection a little, the stomach starts getting used to a smaller size and with the time it will adapt to it completely and stay in this small size. Of course when reaching the results you were dreaming about, keep wearing the corset from time to time to keep the body in an achieved shape.

If all this information has already persuaded you to purchase a waist trainer, do still make a research of what you should and shouldn’t do when wearing it. Be ready to feel uncomfortable in the very first few days as your stomach is not used to be compressed and reduced. Also when feeling some pain- pay a special attention to it. Make sure the corset lets you breath and you can move your body freely without again experiencing any pain. After a few days, all the discomfort will disappear.

The first results you will already see in 2-3 weeks of continuous wearing. When wearing a cincher under the tight dress, make sure it doesn’t bulge and you feel absolutely comfortable.

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