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Every woman after pregnancy wants to get her flat stomach back, but really a few know how to achieve that. A postpartum waist trainer is becoming more and more popular among celebrities who even advertise it as well as common new moms. But does it really work? Does it really show amazing results advertised by celebrities who have recently given a birth to a child? Because we all see these pictures where a celebrity is posing with a big baby belly and after a few weeks we see her with an absolutely shaped and flat stomach. After seeing this, of course, we want to get the same results and wear the pre-pregnancy jeans. All this is possible with the Waist Training after pregnancy. And celebrities are only one good example out of thousands that proves the quality and performance of the waist trainer.

As it was mentioned above these waist trainers are aimed not only at famous people but also all new moms who have a desire to improve or reshape their bodies after giving a birth. The trainer works mainly with the midsection trying to get it back where it was. Interesting fact that some moms state that the stomach starts looking way better than it did even before the pregnancy. And that’s an amazing achievement.

Not only women in the USA have an experience wearing a waist trainer after pregnancy. In fact, it is popular all over the globe and in some countries there is even a practice during which a woman wears a binder around the stomach for about 2-3 weeks after having a baby.


Help to your Weak Abdominal Muscles

Of course being pregnant isn’t easy as it means carrying some kilos during 9 months and this is the main reason why the abdominal muscles become weak. Therefore to provide a good support to your abdominal muscles it is strongly advised to use a waist trainer after the pregnancy.

After pregnancy, it is a strange picture to see and feel that your muscles are like a jelly. And this is because all 9 months the muscles were stretched to their maximum and consequently pulled apart from the place where they are supposed to be. To improve the situation, a simple waist trainer after pregnancy or a binder will do. It will not only make your look more elegant and hide some unwanted parts but also pull the muscles back to their original place as well as all the organs that could have changed their location. That’s exactly the main goal of every good waist trainer after having a baby.

Some women feel pain after the pregnancy and again the binder or trainer will heal the muscles, return them into the right place and moreover, will do it fast and with care. Also by wearing a trainer the stomach will look flatter and no pulled apart muscles will be seen.

In some cases after pregnancy, women face with the diastasis recti. Diastasis recti means that the abdominal muscles have separated. And again here a simple trainer will help. When doing nothing about separation of abdominal muscles –will make a woman look pregnant when in real she isn’t.  All this is because the muscles were not joined and grown together and that’s why all the fat or sometimes even organs will be pushing through the separation. The look isn’t the most pleasant as it means looking bigger and heavier than you really are.



None of the women can look perfect right after giving a birth. Everything needs time. Though with the waist training, it is possible to look slimmer and more elegant immediately after wearing it. And that would 100% make every new mom be more confident and feel more comfortable.

After pregnancy, the belly is, of course, bigger and is hanging and this situation makes some women upset or even depressed. A waist trainer will pull up all the belly parts so that a woman could look nice and again confident wearing even a tight short dress.

One more advantage of using a waist trainer is its ability to make the stomach slimmer. Thereby, a woman would be able to fit in her pre-pregnancy pants or jeans. Considering the fact that even though you haven’t lost many kilos after delivering a baby, by reducing the stomach it is absolutely possible to fit in everything you want.



Wink Postpartum Compression Binder

What Type of Postpartum Waist Trainer Is The Best?

There exist many manufacturers and consequently brands of waist trainers. The main and most important idea when choosing a trainer is to feel comfortable wearing it. Though here are a few postpartum trainers that are the top-ranked and that are highly recommended by users.

Actually manufacturers offer 2 types of waist trainers – regular ones and postpartum. The after pregnancy waist trainers are also called “wraps” and it is clear because it is quite simple to wrap it around the stomach. There is also a bigger and wider range of postpartum trainers. To be precise more sizes and designs. Opting for the right size and waist trainer means fast reducing and shrinking of a stomach.

It is also more profitable from the financial point of view to purchase a postpartum waist trainer. When using a regular trainer the stomach shrinks and reduces pretty fast which means a need to buy a new one after less than a month of usage. In case with a postpartum trainer, you just have to wrap it around the stomach tighter following the gradual shrinking of the stomach.

In case of a C-section, it is not advised to use a regular waist trainer as it will only bother the incision as the closure is located on the front. Comparing with the postpartum girdle, the idea is the same, but just the side closure is not on the front but on the side, meaning that it will not bother the incision and stomach.

The top-ranked and highly-recommended postpartum abdominal binder is the Wink Postpartum Compression Girdle.

There are the whole 3 layers of hooks and eye closures which give the ability to tight and wrap it gradually as the stomach shrinks. Also, it comes in different sizes starting from the smallest and finishing with the largest that is up to 5XL.

When wearing it, it will never put much pressure on your ribs unless you wrap it too tight. And also there will not be issues with breastfeeding the baby.



In its majority, new moms start wearing a postpartum binder as soon as they have delivered a baby. And even in the hospital they would advise you to do so. In case of a C-section they will provide you with a recovery binder. It is better to start immediately as then you will get the best and fastest results.

Of course even not wearing a postpartum binder, women see that their stomach is getting smaller and smaller in size with every day. Some women will be surprised that everything is coming back to its shape whereas for others the picture will not be so pleasant. Therefore, it is better not to risk and start using a binder right after the child is born.

When wearing a waist trainer right after the pregnancy the result will be seen in 3-4 weeks already. Women notice a belly that is getting slimmer and slimmer and of course that makes them happy. After these 3-4 weeks maximum what a woman can have is a little baby belly though very often after 1 month nothing is left there.

To get the best results, a woman has to wear the trainer for at least 50-60 days (every day). Only in this case you will reach a stomach you always wished for. After this period, the stomach will come back to its natural size and will stay the same for the next years or pregnancy.

Don’t get upset if it takes you longer than a month to get the stomach shape back. Every woman is different and it is hard to predict exactly how long it will take for every individual. Keep wearing it and in a little bit more than a month you will definitely see an astonishing result.

Waist Training After Pregnancy
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