Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Waist Nipper Review

Maidenform flexees women's shapewear waist nipper

It sometimes happens that standing in front of the mirror and looking at the body shape makes a person feel really upset and disappointed if not to say depressed. The body shape can change because of many reasons, but there is always a way to improve the situation. Of course nobody wants to be all skinny with bones seen everywhere. Neither we wish to look as if we have some extra weight.  Extra weight that some people suffer from is always a cause of a certain discomfort and lack of confidence on the public, society in general and some parties or meetings. Realizing and experiencing it all, doesn’t have a good influence on person’s health and emotional condition because of constant stress. To avoid all this, to feel comfortable and confident, to be free and happy simply use a Maidenform Waist Nipper.

Yes, of course, some women claim that there are many other ways to lose weight, but let’s face the true fact that a modern woman who lives in the 21st century absolutely doesn’t have time for physical exercises or being really engaged in some kind of fitness or Pilates. It needs a certain regime, regular visiting of a gym etc. Yet with the Maiden Flexees Women’s Shapewear Waist Nipper all this is not needed. Moreover, no need to keep some special diet and stop eating all your favorite meals. Not everyone can cope with that. This particular waist nipper has the whole 2 main functions. First of all, it slims the body in a really short period of time and second its feature is the ability to give a body a nice physical structure. This will return a confidence to every woman.



Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Waist Nipper Review


The MaidenMaidenform flexees women's shapewear waist nipper firm controlform is an amazing brand that produces women’s underwear for a few decades already. Women are extremely happy and satisfied with all its products. As a result, it is one of the best-seller brands all over the globe.

Coming a little bit back into the history, the brand was created and introduced in 1992 by Ida Posenthal, her husband, and Enid Bisset. Their main goal was to create and design a nice outfit for women with some excess weight. At that time, the only thing you could get to hide the extra weight was the flat-chested clothing. And these 3 were very disappointed about it and, therefore, wanted to make something better and more interesting. The main thought was that it had to be an undergarment that would make women’s body look elegant and slim without any difficulties. And that’s exactly what they did – a perfect undergarment that can be easily worn with any type of clothing even tight one and nothing will bulge or cause discomfort.

The 3 designers strongly believed that the right type of underwear will make a woman not only look beautiful and gorgeous but also will greatly correct her physical condition. By improving the physical condition of the body, it will be much easier to fit in any designer dress consequently. That’s why the brand was called the Maidenform.

As it was mentioned above the Maidenform brand produces underwear that is capable of reshaping and correcting women’s body if they are not completely happy with it and wish to change something. Also, it gives them a chance to wear any piece of clothing they wish for, even if it a short tight dress – no tightening underwear will be seen. In the hardest cases when the waist is of a really awkward shape, the waist nipper is 100 percent capable of improving the situation. Perhaps that’s the reason why the waist nippers are so popular among women. In simple words, this waist nippers collection by the Maidenform is an extraordinary and wonderful addition to any wardrobe.

The materials it is made of are of a very high quality. The main material all the waist nippers consist of is a soft microfiber fabrics that serves as a finishing touch to the robes. The robe can be worn anywhere and anytime as it is meant to be present on every occasion of your life.

The main goal of this waist nipper is to make the waist slimmer, minimize the bulges and some bumps as well as make you look perfect not only from the outside but from the inside too.

Not everyone is born with a perfect hourglass body shape, though it doesn’t mean we can’t get it with the time. And moreover, there is no need to be upset about it. Now knowing about the Maidenform waist nipper you will easily get an hourglass figure structure in minutes. Plus wear all the best skin tight dresses or blouses.



By looking at its features below, you will realize that’s it is very different from any other brand as its features are unique and extraordinary. None of the waist nippers have the same. Therefore having it- means having excellent results immediately after wearing it.

The features are the following:

galochkaFirm Control – comparing it with some other brands, we came into conclusion and as some other customers say the Maidenform waist nipper really shapes and slims thanks to a vivid grip. The robe is made for absolutely all body shapes and that really helps if the waist is in a bad or ill-shaped condition. Maidenform is simply a great supporter. Remember that it will also always help you to get fitted into any piece of clothing you want;

galochkaSide and Back Boning – of course having reached a super slim and nice-looking body shape, there stays a problem with the back. Exactly for this purpose the toned up back was designed. Some waist nipper brands that have the same feature are very uncomfortable for wearing as the fabric it is made of is not pleasant to the skin. Knowing this, the Maidenform created a special side and back portion texture in their attires. Thereby no complications can happen when wearing different clothing;

galochkaThe materials it is made of are of an extremely high quality, which makes them pleasant to the skin;

galochkaNo difficulties when wearing the attire;

galochkaThis elastic waistband is very similar to a corset, therefore, will let you get fitted into very piece of clothes.



kuba_arrow_button_set_2 the body doesn’t sweat while wearing the waist nipper;

kuba_arrow_button_set_2a chance to have an hourglass body structure;

kuba_arrow_button_set_2no complications with putting the attire on;

kuba_arrow_button_set_2makes the waist slim and elegant;

kuba_arrow_button_set_2is suitable for any body shape

kuba_arrow_button_set_2high quality of the materials the product is made of;



–    When wearing for a long time, the elasticity is lost and there arises a need to buy a new one;



Having such a waist nipper by the Maidenform brand will make your body structure look perfect. Moreover, all this will not cost a lot of money as it is not expensive though absolutely worth it.

Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Waist Nipper Review
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