2In case, you have problems with excess weight and want to make your waistline narrower you can utilize a waist trimmer. Moreover, with this item you can support and compress your lower back and abdominals. It is so easy to get a washboard abs. People who used to intensive workouts with heavy lifting will appreciate that a waist trimmer can relieve pain and arthritis.

With the McDavid 491 you’ll be able to lose weight and minimize painful feelings in your back. It also has a heating function, so your waist will rid of fat, calories, and toxins. The manufacturer also concerned about a durability and longevity of this waist trimmer and made it from 100% latex-free neoprene. It is a universal device that is fit for a waistline up to 40 inches.



The McDavid 491 has plenty of benefits that make it a high demand product. If you work hard to sweat off extra weight and make your body slim and shaped, you may use this device as an additional option to raise your results. This waist trimmer works with your muscles and compresses, cushions and supports your waist area. Due to a heating feature, it can increase a sweat secretion during the exercises and reduce painful feelings in your back. Of course, the major function of this item is removing the excessive fat in your stomach. It works when you just wear it and reach out even those hard-to-get love handles. It is also a convenient option if the muscles sore is your troublesome. This trimmer will treat your arthritis and relieves pain.


Unfortunately, I’ve noticed a few nuisances in this trimmer. But some people may appreciate these opportunities. So, the McDavid 491 doesn’t reach the hips. Some women can be disappointed if they wish to have an hour glass figure. Otherwise, men who desire to strengthen their stomach will be pleased. So, it is a unisex model to beautify both, women and men.

Customers, who have already utilized this trimmer, suggest buying of two belts if you need to cover the full stomach area. You can use one belt and pick the part of your stomach you need to work out.


In spite the fact, that the McDavid 491 doesn’t provide a full coverage, numerous positive reviews on Amazon.com prove that this device works properly.

To sum up all information about the McDavid 491 waist trimmer, I can tell that it is a decent model. Don’t wait for unbelievable results because there is no a liposuction level and it is not a surgical operation. But it is a convenient trimmer for people who want to strengthen their muscles and constrict a waistline. It doesn’t require any special efforts. Just wear it for a few hours per day and you’ll get the desired changes.

McDavid 491 Waist Trimmer
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