There exists a huge variety of brands, styles and shapes of waist trainers. Though sometimes there happens a problem with the size as some manufacturers produce the product only up to XL size. Despite this fact, there are still lots of waist trainers of a bigger size and they are even more popular and are sold much faster than regular ones.

The first thing a woman should do to select the right size is to measure herself with a tape. Only in this way she will be able to stop the choice at the right option. Some brands produce up to 6XL size whereas other went further and designed a waist trainer of 8 XL size. Consequently to not make a mistake, better spend a few minutes for measuring the waistline.

Below you will see the top ranked plus size waist trainers that are the best-sellers and are recommended by the trusted customers.

Top-ranked Plus Size Waist Trainers Reviews


Rago Plus Size Waist Trainer


The waist trainers by Rago have multiple sizes starting from the smallest and finishing with up to 8XL. The majority of the waist trainer brands don’t go further than 6XL. Therefore, the Rago is a real finding.

8XL size means it works with a 46” inch waist. They also propose a variety of colors: white, black, beige and leopard print for extraordinary women.

One of the most superior features of this waist trainer is the quality. First of all the materials it is made of are of a very high quality. These are nylon and spandex blend. This material is very similar to those that are used for medical purposes (compression garments). And this factor only proves its excellent quality and performance. Second of all it is the care that is included. It is even seen on how careful all the sews are. Thanks to this fact the product will never bulge and will look just perfect even with a tight dress.

Speaking about putting this garment on, it is very simple as it has 12 hooks and eye closures on the front of the waist trainer.

Women who have tried wearing this particular model are very happy and satisfied with it as it functions in 2 ways at the same time. First – it cinches the waist and second – reduces and makes the stomach slimmer that is often seen under the clothes.



Squeem “Perfect Waist”


Among many plus size waist trainers, this one is one of the top ranked and has the highest ratings, not mentioning the positive feedbacks and reviews. Though it goes only up to 5X I have still included it into the plus size garments.

It would suit perfect for those women whose waist is about 49-50 inches which is the same as women’s clothing of a 22nd and 24th size. As it can be seen and stated by the manufacturers, even though it is a 5X size it is still higher than the previous trainer model of an 8XL. Consequently, sometimes the size that is stated and the waist it covers can vary from brand to brand.

The Squeem “Perfect Waist” comes in the following colors: black, beige and many nude colors.

2 materials are used when making this product- natural rubber that is very flexible and doesn’t ride up or flip over and a pure cotton that is sewn inside to serve as a comfortable and pleasant cloth to the skin. Due to these two materials there will not be any scratching or itching.

It is very easy to put it on – it has a double hook and eye closures. By regulating the eye closures, one is capable of making the trainer tighter or looser.

Having this Squeem waist trainer means having a product that will support and cinch not only a waist but also back and core muscles. Moreover, it can also help to make a nice posture especially for those women who have extra weight on the top halves of their body.

It is of course highly rated by the users and is one of the best-sellers in many countries.



Lucea Steel Boned

This particular trainer would be ideal for women whose waist ia about 40-42 inches that equals a size 20-22 in clothing. For the Lucea brand,  it is the size 6X. Judging from the number 6X, one might think that it is a plus size and immediately buy it. Though be careful as in this situation 6X is even less in size than the previous 2 models. Always pay attention to the waist measurements.

There are 2 kinds of this product by Lucea. The first one is made of lace and it comes in black and apricot color. The second version is made of latex and has a wider color range – red, ivory, blue, purple and pink.

The price for this garment is not expensive though the presence of the steel boning makes it very valuable. For some women, the steel boning is an advantage whereas for other it is not as it causes some discomfort. Therefore, it is already a matter of choice, comfort, desire and preferences.

Having looked at the reviews about this particular trainer, there aren’t many. Perhaps it is mostly purchased and used by beginners as it is inexpensive yet a good product to have the first experience with. It is less than 50 dollars which makes it affordable for absolutely everyone who doesn’t have an opportunity to spend more.

Being a plus size woman and using a waist trainer will help to cinch the waist and look elegant and attractive. Moreover, it always gives some extra confidence and comfort in different situations. By simply wearing a trainer, you will loose 2-3 inches at that same moment. And it is impossible to do with any other product. Wearing a waist trainer for a protracted period of time, you will see great results and later you will not have to wear it all day long.

Plus Size Waist Trainers Reviews
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